Who We Are

This ministry was started with the clear leading of the Lord by 16th Feb,1975. God has used the preacher in several parts of the world. Specifically remarkable meetings held in Srilanka in 1983, Malaysia and Singapore ministry, ministry in Holland, Germany and Switzerland in 1998 and 2000.

What We Do

According to His will, this charitable trust was started after the name ELIM FOUNDATION. In this trust, there are five trustees, wherein Pastor. Daniel Packiaraj is the managing trustee and through this trust some social work are done and some are in future plan as listed...

Donate us

Many plans and ideas stay the way they are planned, only due to the lack of finance. We are able to carry out the services very successfully to this extent, only because of few contributors who lend their hand at times. If there would be regular supporters and sponsors, we are very sure that we would be very successful and reach thousands through this mission.